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It is not practical to provide a set of blanket rules for all terrain/tables at Cancon. Therefore, the TOs suggest that players discuss and agree on the table-state prior to the Lt WIP rolls.

Questions to clear up with your opponent prior to the game starting:

  • Identify any railings and other scenery that is not completely solid and confirm if it provides cover for S2 models, as well as other Silhouette values.
  • Identify and discuss whether buildings have interiors that are playable spaces and how they are accessed.
  • Identify pathing/movement for large-based models. Ensure that both deployment zones have reasonable access (and egress) for TAGs, Remotes and other Troopers with large bases.
  • Confirm if movement is allowed underneath stairs and other elevated terrain pieces. Confirm if LOF can be drawn underneath stairs. as with the railing item above, confirm if any rails/mesh on stairs provides cover to Troopers.
  • Identify and discuss any sections of the table that would require special Terrain-skills to traverse (ie. Jungle Terrain, Mountain-terrain, etc etc).
  • Discuss how windows/transparent/translucent materials work (ie. acrylic billboards) work. Muddy Windows? ‘See Into But Not Through’ (SIBNT)?Do they allow Line Of Fire (LOF) and/or Line Of Sight (LOS)? As a general rule, if you can see through it but it’s solid, you might agree that the material allows Line Of Sight (LOS) but it does not permit BS attacks as the glass stops bullets/munitions.
  • Are there elevators or other doors that might allow access to Rooftops? What is required to move from the Ground to Elevation? Short-skill? Long-skill?

Cancon TO Rulings:

The following rulings are the Cancon Infinity Committee’s responses to community questions regarding vague or ambiguous rules interactions. These rulings were determined after robust discussion within the TO group. We appreciate that later rulings or submissions from Corvus Belli may contradict these rulings (and we welcome clarity from our Spanish Overlords). As a community, we will adopt any such rulings if and when they are made.

However, until 12:01am Tuesday the 29th of January, please assume that the following rulings are in place.

Symbiomates: Use of a Symbiomate does NOT grant the user the option of a guts check UNLESS one of the successful attacks was a critical success and causes the user to take a wound and/or a status effect.

Converting Irregular Orders: A model generates its Irregular order during the Tactical Phase and, as such, may have that order converted into a regular order via Command Token later that turn even if the trooper is slain beforehand.

Simultaneous effects: All effects occurring at Stage 8 of Order Resolution (Effects stage) are resolved simultaneously and then the final state of the Trooper is determined.

Example, Brain Burst and Maestro: In this example, Brain Burst would reduce the W characteristic by 1 (potentially moving the Trooper to Unconscious) at the same time as the Trooper is moved to Unconscious-state by Maestro. As such, the Trooper’s final state is Unconscious.

Another example: If a 1W model with Protheion successfully triggers it and gains a wound in the same order that it takes a wound from a Shock weapon we are placed in the position of having a model that could be Dead (shock weapon against a 1W model) or alive (Protheion gives them a second wound before the Shock weapon kills them).

In this circumstance, the players would take the sum of all effects that occur within the Effects stage (-1 Wound, +1 Wound) and determine the final state of the model from that.

In this case, the Protheion model’s wound count remains at 1 (1 +1 -1 = 1), however, they do not count as a 2W model for Shock and other purposes moving forwards (ie. the second Shock weapon to hit them will take them straight Dead rather than Unconscious).