Hey Aristeia fans, at the moment I will be running Aristeia on a spare table or two during the time the TO’s and helpers are setting up terrain for the Cancon Infinity Major events.

I guess it will start at about 12pm on the Saturday.

At present I have been pledged 5 full board Games sets which means 10 people in a Round-Robyn style.

If I get more boards and more people I will work rounds something similar to normal infinity.

This event is very casual with all level of players so I don’t expect any major issues on the day.

The characters for each board will be whatever is pledged with the board as I have no control over that bit but I assume that they will be the basic characters. Players will pick characters by rolling off and the person with the highest dice roll will pick a character first then the opposing player will pick the next character, etc, like picking teams for school sports games. First in, first served.

But as they are pretty quick games hopefully we will get more games. I’ll answer any further question on the day as this whole event is rather ‘fluid ‘.

Catch you in the Hexadome!